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(VIDEO) Charlie’s Interview with President Bush

The esteemed Mr. Gibson sat down with President and First Lady Bush for an interview that ran yesterday on World News.

The inevitable campaign to revise the history of the George W. Bush presidency has apparently begun. In an interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson broadcast on Monday, the soon-but-not-soon-enough-to-be ex-president made several eye-roll-inducing statements that feel like the first salvo in a war to completely recast the Bush years.

Since 1928 ALL Republican Presidents Bushes or Nixons!
October 22, 2008 MSNBC HARDBALL

Condi Rice admits White House torture meetings

Alex Gibney, the Academy Award winning director of  “Taxi to the Dark Side” discusses this revelation with Rachel Maddow.

Senior Bush administration officials held a series of meetings in the White House in 2002 and 2003 to discuss allowing the CIA to use harsh interrogation methods on Al Qaeda detainees, according to a written statement Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently provided to Senate investigators. Rice’s written response to investigators on the Senate Armed Services Committee marks the first time a high-ranking White House official has formally acknowledged the White House discussions, which led to the CIA’s use of waterboarding and other coercive methods…read on

Al Qaeda May Watch C-SPAN’

Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, David Addington, appeared in front of the House Judiciary today to testify on interrogation techniques employed at Guantanamo Bay that were approved by the Bush Admininstration.

Addington got a bit testy during questioning by Democratic Representative Bill Delahunt.

Think Progess caught the video: