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Palin proposes crisis ’scenarios’ if Obama elected

This video is from Fox’s Happening Now, broadcast October 21, 2008.


Sarah Palin used remarks by Joe Biden to criticize Barack Obama’s experience and foreign policy during a campaign event in Reno, Nevada today. Biden had been quoted as saying that the next president would face a crisis within the first six months of taking office.

Palin said that Iran, Pakistan and Russia could all present a crisis for the next president

McCain: Palin has foreign policy experience ‘Alaska Is Right Next To Russia’

ABC’s Charles Gibson questioned Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) about Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) foreign policy experience, noting that she hadn’t traveled overseas until last year. McCain replied by pointing out that “Alaska is right next to Russia“:

Alaska is right next to Russia. She understands that. Look, Sen. Obama’s never visited south of our border. I mean, please.

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Video: FOX News shot at in Georgia

R: Georgian forces have begun firing on journalists with pistols. They are undisciplined, angry and humiliated.

One minute you are sitting down with Russian forces and the next minute, car loads of Georgian forces drive up, they’re furious and they seem to take out that fury, that humiliation on the people they can. The journalists.

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McCain: Nations don’t invade other nations

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McCain on the Georgian/Russian Conflict

“Today, many are dead and Georgia is in crisis, yet the Obama campaign has offered nothing more than cheap and petty political attacks that are echoed only by the Kremlin,” said McCain aide Tucker Bounds in the statement. “The reaction of the Obama campaign to this crisis, so at odds with our democratic allies and yet so bizarrely in sync with Moscow, doesn’t merely raise questions about Sen. Obama’s judgment — it answers them.”