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Is the RNC 9/11 Tribute Video inappropriate ?

Both Republicans and Democrats have invoked the terrorist attacks of 9/11 during their political conventions in arguments that the other side is unprepared to deal with the threat of Al Qaeda and similar threats.

So is the RNC 9/11 tribute inappropriate?

Video: Ron Paul on CNN 9.4.2008

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck – the Congressman discusses the success of the Rally For The Republic.

Rage Against the Machine at RNC

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After their attempt to take the stage was stopped by police, Rage Against the Machine took to the crowd with an acapella performance. Armed with only a megaphone, and thousands of fans, RATM played a 10min acapella set of Bulls on Parade and Killing in the Name of.

Republican National Convention – Sarah Palin, Rudy

  • Rudy Giuliani delivers the keynote address at the Republican National Convention

  • Palin accepts nomination, slams Obama in speech

Get FISA Right

Grassroots group Get FISA Right will be airing the following two ads during the Republican Convention in St. Paul Wednesday:

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Giuliani rips Obama as ‘celebrity senator’

Giuliani rips Obama as 'celebrity senator'

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani attacked Barack Obama as a “celebrity senator” with “no leadership or major legislation to speak of.” Earlier, Mitt Romney hailed John McCain and blasted “liberal Washington.”

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani tonight continued the barrage on Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, calling him a “celebrity senator” with no leadership experience.

“He’s never had to lead people in crisis,” Giuliani told the Republican National Convention. “This is not a personal attack: it’s a statement of fact. Barack Obama has never led anything. Nothing. Nada.”

“The choice in this election comes down to substance over style. John McCain has been tested. Barack Obama has not. Tough times require strong leadership, and this is no time for on the job training.”

Video Essay: A Look Inside the RNC Protests

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Thousands of protesters gathered in St. Paul, Minn., the site of the Republican National Convention. As tensions mounted between those gathered and police, AP photojournalist Evan Vucci was in the middle of the crowd.