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Obama Names Volcker to Head New Economic Advisory Board

(Reuters) – US President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday announced a new panel to advise him on stabilizing financial markets as his latest effort to tackle problems ailing the US economy.

President -elect Barack Obama promised to instill more confidence in the federal budget system and eliminate unnecessary programs.The man who will be responsible for the White House budget office — overseeing cuts in the federal budget and simultaneously overseeing a costly stimulus package will be Peter Orszag who now runs the Congressional Budget Office.Jon Decker reports

U.S. agents can seize travelers laptops, and keep it!

U.S. federal agents have been given new powers to seize travelers’ laptops and other electronic devices including

  • hard drives, flash drives, cell phones, iPods, pagers, beepers, and video and audio tapes — as well as books, pamphlets and other written materials, plus your kids, your hot wife, and maybe they will let you keep your 4th amendment rights (part of the Bill of Rights, it guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.)

Such seizures may be carried out without suspicion of wrongdoing.

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DHS officials said the policies applied to anyone entering the country, including U.S. citizens, and were needed to prevent terrorism. Right …..they say jump you say how high.


McCain says World War III would justify draft

Only World War III would prompt Republican presidential candidate John McCain to bring back the military draft, McCain said on Tuesday.

Many Americans are fearful the U.S. government will be forced to reinstitute the draft given the prolonged Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Asked about that possibility by a potential voter in Florida during a telephone “town hall meeting,” McCain said: “I don’t know what would make a draft happen unless we were in an all-out World War III.”

The United States ended its last military draft in 1973 in the waning years of the Vietnam war, moving to an all-volunteer military force.