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(VIDEO) Gordon Browns push for a “New Global Deal”.

British prime minister addresses Congress

Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged American leaders on Wednesday to “seize the moment,” in tandem with their European allies, to work through the global economic crisis and prepare for a future that brings a world order.

“Let me say that you now have the most pro-American European leadership in living memory,” Mr. Brown said.

“There is no old Europe, no new Europe, there is only your friend Europe. So once again I say we should seize the moment — because never before have I seen a world so willing to come together. Never before has that been more needed. And never before have the benefits of cooperation been so far-reaching.” (1)

YouTube – 1.2 Million Fake New York Times Distributed

Nov. 12: Over 1 million fake editions of the New York Times were printed and handed out to New York commuters with the headline ‘Iraq War Ends’. Contessa Brewer reports. The New Obama Website

President-elect Obama’s has a new website for the transition site with a new address, also has a “jobs” area where visitors can apply for a political job in the new administration. If nothing else, Obama’s website will allow his team to capture more information about supporters that can be used for future organizing and fundraising.

Hillary Clinton Talks In The Polling Station

(VIDEO) Sarah Palin booed at Hockey Game

Sarah Palin was greeted with a chorus of boos at the Philadelphia Flyers game where she dropped the puck at the Flyers’ opener:

Subliminal Message in The Obama Iraq Documentary

Is John McCain campaign sending us subliminal messages ?

al Qaeda Commentary? al Qaeda Cemetary? al Qaeda Documentary? Who knows? But it’s not accidental

Whatever the Politics Demand



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