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Palin proposes crisis ’scenarios’ if Obama elected

This video is from Fox’s Happening Now, broadcast October 21, 2008.


Sarah Palin used remarks by Joe Biden to criticize Barack Obama’s experience and foreign policy during a campaign event in Reno, Nevada today. Biden had been quoted as saying that the next president would face a crisis within the first six months of taking office.

Palin said that Iran, Pakistan and Russia could all present a crisis for the next president

McCain: Palin has foreign policy experience ‘Alaska Is Right Next To Russia’

ABC’s Charles Gibson questioned Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) about Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) foreign policy experience, noting that she hadn’t traveled overseas until last year. McCain replied by pointing out that “Alaska is right next to Russia“:

Alaska is right next to Russia. She understands that. Look, Sen. Obama’s never visited south of our border. I mean, please.

Watch it:

Olbermann Covers Dick Cheney Iran Flase Flag Story

Keith Olbermann was the only major U.S. media source to cover this huge story.

Impeachment will be heard Friday

A message from Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Iran says nuclear program will continue

Talks on Iran’s nuclear program ended in a stalemate Saturday, despite the Bush administration’s decision to send an official for the first time.

An hour into the talks, Iran “ruled out any freeze on its uranium enrichment program,” the Associated Press reported.

Six world powers entered talks hosted by Switzerland in hope of a compromise: Iran ceases to expand its nuclear program and no new sanctions will be placed on the country.

But there is “no chance” of that, the Iranian delegation said.

Iran has defied three sets of UN sanctions, saying it has the “right to nuclear technology for peaceful uses.”

Senator Joe Lieberman Wants To CENSORE Youtube!

U.S. ready for diplomatic talks with Iran

The U.S. is set for diplomatic talks with Iran’s chief nuclear envoy in what marks a major shift in the Bush administration’s policy towards Tehran. Washington is also reportedly planning to launch a diplomatic mission in Iran – for the first time since 1979.