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Ron Paul: No “Change” Is On The Horizon

Congressman says president elect was chosen long ago to take care of the corporate elite

Texas Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the euphoria surrounding the election of Barack Obama combined with the overwhelming fear of major international crises could facilitate a cataclysmic shift toward a new world order.

Appearing live on the Alex Jones show earlier today, the Congressman spoke of a feeling of dread surrounding the change of guard both in the White House and on Capitol Hill:

I do feel it but I dont think its brand new, I didnt wake up with it, Ive had it for a while, I dont think the election was a surprise, but the rhetoric is getting pretty strong and they are getting very bold. he commented. Continue reading

Brown: Use Crisis To Create New Financial World Order


British Prime Minister sells globalization as the saviour

“We are proposing a world leaders’ meeting in which we must agree the principles and policies for restructuring the financial system across the globe,” Brown added.

His speech came after the UK government announced it would bail out three high street banks – RBS, HBOS and Lloyds TSB – to the tune of £37bn. Since that announcement, shares in the banks have plunged on the stock market.