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UN chief wants Gaza conflict halt

The UN secretary general has implored Israel and Palestinian militants to halt the fighting in Gaza immediately.

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(VIDEO) Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza – 04 Jan 09

Israeli forces have launched the second phase of their war on Gaza, and they have suffered casualties in the first hours of their ground offensive.

On the Palestinian side, medical sources say 473 Palestinians have been killed in the nine days of conflict, with 2300 injured.

Israeli Troops Launch Attack on Gaza

JERUSALEM — Israeli tanks and troops swept across the border into Gaza on Saturday night, opening a ground war against the militant group Hamas after a week of intense airstrikes.

Israel’s stated goal was to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas, the militant Islamic group that controls Gaza’s government, and the military warned that the campaign could take “many long days.”

The assault brings new risks and the prospect of many new casualties on both sides in a confrontation that, before this phase began, had already cost the lives of more than 430 Palestinians and 4 Israelis.