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NSA Whistleblower on Bush’s Domestic Spy Program Secerts

NSA whistleblower Russell Tice was back on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC program Thursday evening to expand on his Wednesday revelations that the National Security Agency spied on individual U.S. journalists, entire U.S. news agencies as well as “tens of thousands” of other Americans.

Tice said on Wednesday that the NSA had vacuumed in all domestic communications of Americans, including, faxes, phone calls and network traffic.

Today Tice said that the spy agency also combined information from phone wiretaps with data that was mined from credit card and other financial records. He said information of tens of thousands of U.S. citizens is now in digital databases warehoused at the NSA.

Bush & Cheney Leave The White House For The Last Time!


Kucinich Documents Israel’s War Crimes On The Record!

Video: Burris joins the Senate

Roland Burris was just sworn into the US Senate by Vice President Dick Cheney, a moment greeted by sustained applause rather than the brickbats during a long-running controversy.

Fellow Democrats initially balked at Burris, because he was appointed by Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, who faces federal corruption charges that include trying to sell the seat — once occupied by President-elect Barack Obama — that Burris now holds.

Bush Legacy Cost 2.2 MILLION Dollars Per Minute! Congressman DeFazio

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January 08, 2009 C-SPAN

F.B.I. hits the 100-year mark

From Al Capone to al Qaeda

An FBI agent demonstrates new technology in the 1940s: a field telephone. (FBI)

FBI at 100: From Al Capone to al Qaeda

The FBI earned its reputation hunting down bank robbers and other outlaws in the heydays of Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone. Now, as it hits the century mark, the agency’s mission has changed. Instead of toting Tommy guns, robbing banks and running numbers rackets, today’s Public Enemy No. 1 is more likely to be carrying box cutters, mixing dirty bomb ingredients and plotting mass casualties. full story