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Andrea Mitchell Debunks McCain’s Attack Ads


MITCHELL: Did he make a bad call deciding not to go to Ramstein? He had every right to go to Ramstein, to visit the troops in Landstuhl. He had already been to visit the troops in Iraq. Without cameras, without an entourage. And he got-his people, rather-got so backed off by warnings from the Pentagon.

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Thank You Obama for my high gas price

AIRING: National cable and Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and Wisconsin.

SCRIPT: Announcer: “Gas prices — $4, $5, no end in sight, because some in Washington are still saying no to drilling in America. No to independence from foreign oil. Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?”

Crowd chanting: “Obama, Obama, Obama!”

Ron Paul AD #1


Ron Paul ad #1. Directed by jeremiah black. 30 seconds. Hi-Definition source. NTSC Broadcast version available. Original music composed by Jorge Gonzalez. Cinematography by Shawn Bell. Sound recorded by David Robert Mason. Produced by Mediaville in NYC. High quality broadcast tapes will be made available free of charge upon request.

Not officially sponsored by the Ron Paul campaign.
But it should be .

Fred Thompson TV Ad: Service (30 sec)

Rudy’s New TV Ad "Challenges"

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani focuses on the economic improvements he made in New York and the drop in the city’s crime rate in a new television ad that began airing in New Hampshire Wednesday.

“The world’s 17th largest economy. Swimming in red ink. Record crime. Runaway taxes. A million on welfare. That was New York,” an announcer says. “Until Rudy.”

Giuliani faced a more than $2 billion budget deficit despite a tax rate of almost 9 percent. Giuliani said the tax rate scared away business; hotel taxes were $24 a night, compared with $8 in other major cities at the time. And in 1994, almost one in seven New Yorkers were on welfare.

In the ad, which starts in New Hampshire and Boston television markets, an announcer highlights Giuliani’s response: “He cut taxes 9 billion. Welfare 60 percent. Crime in half. The most successful conservative turnaround in 50 years.”

“In America’s most liberal city, Rudy delivered. And he can do it again, in a place called Washington, D.C.”

In his standard campaign speech, Giuliani says he cut taxes 23 times. His rivals say Giuliani opposed some reductions, and he takes credit for some at the state level rather than city level. His campaign says he saved New Yorkers more than $9 billion and cut welfare rolls by 640,000 to the lowest number since 1966.

McCain blast Petraeus ad

“It’s disgraceful, it’s got to be retracted and condemned by the Democrats, and ought to be thrown out of this country.”

Rudy Giuliani Targets Hillary In New Ad

Rudy’s Web ad — launched yesterday — features images of a uniformed Petraeus as a narrator’s voice in the background accuses Clinton of slandering the General. In the ad, the Giulilani campaign also faults Clinton for not forcefully condemning a MoveOn ad in The Times that also features a picture of Petraeus.