Obama seeks legislative for gays in military

President wants to do away with ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ through legislation


WASHINGTON – The White House says it won’t stop gays and lesbians from being dismissed from the military while the Obama administration works to repeal a decade-old policy banning openly gay people from serving in uniform.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that President Barack Obama does not plan to intervene in current cases against men and women who announce their homosexuality.


Chrysler won’t repay bailout money

An administration official confirms that a $4 billion bridge loan and $3.2 billion in bankruptcy financing won’t be paid back by Chrysler following bankruptcy.

Chrysler LLC will not repay U.S. taxpayers more than $7 billion in bailout money it received earlier this year and as part of its bankruptcy filing.

This revelation was buried within Chrysler’s bankruptcy filings last week and confirmed by the Obama administration Tuesday. The filings included a list of business assumptions from one of the company’s key financial advisors in the bankruptcy case.

Some of the main assumptions listed by Robert Manzo of Capstone Advisory Group were that the Treasury would forgive a $4 billion bridge loan given to Chrysler in the closing days of the Bush administration, a $300 million fee on that loan, and the $3.2 billion in financing approved last week by the Obama administration to fund Chrysler’s operations during bankruptcy.

Michael Savage Banned From UK For Political Opinions

American talk show host Michael Savage has been banned from entering the UK by the Home Secretary because of his political opinions and opposition to illegal immigration, which is considered “hate speech” in airstrip one.

“Home Secretary Jacqui Smith (pictured) said she decided to make public the names so others could better understand what sort of behaviour Britain was not prepared to tolerate,” according to an ITN report.

The list of 16 “unwelcome” individuals includes Neo-Nazis, former Ku Klux Klan members, racist skinhead groups and Islamic preachers supposedly linked to terrorist groups.

Gonzales says US should be open to torturing again

In an interview posted Monday, former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that because use of torture “may be necessary” in the future, the Obama administration erred in disclosing the Bush administration’s “enhanced interrogation” techniques.

Gonzales was taking part in an interview by MSNBC’s Dan Abrams along with former Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft. The session was conducted at American Jewish University Apr. 27. The full transcript is available here.

Gonzales also appeared to lightly snub Vice President Dick Cheney. Questioned about Cheney’s remarks last month that Obama is “making some choices that in my mind will in fact raise the risk to the American people of another attack,” Gonzales seemed to disagree.

“You know,” he said, “I’m a lot more interested in the assessments by the intelligence professionals, quite frankly.”

Obama Supports Outlawing Gun Possession

As Lou Dobbs notes here, Obama is in favor of the ratifying CIFTA, the Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms. On its face, the treaty sounds reasonable because it would “prevent, combat, and eradicate the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms, ammunition, explosives, and other related materials”

Dr Ron Paul: Swine Flu Just An Attempt For Government To Scare The People!

http://earth2obama.org/May 02, 2009 CNN

House adopts $3.4T budget outline

The House has adopted a $3.4 trillion budget outline that endorses much of President Obama’s agenda while permitting the national debt to continue to spiral higher, the Associated Press reports.

The non-binding outline, which the Senate will probably vote on today, forms the basis for negotiations on tax and spending bills among lawmakers, the Obama administration and interest groups.

It is Congress’ response to Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget plan released in late February.

Not a single Republican voted for the measure; 17 Democrats, mostly from GOP-leaning districts, voted against it, the AP says