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John McCain on Jay Leno on Veterans Day

Republican presidential nominee John McCain will make his first post-election late-night appearance with Jay Leno. The Arizona senator will be a guest on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, Nov. 11, in honor of Veterans Day

The Republican presidential candidate makes his first guest appearance since the election on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” McCain, a Vietnam veteran, is helping the NBC show mark Veterans Day. I’m sure Leno will ask about McCain’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance shortly before the election — and about McCain’s conversations with President-elect Barack Obama.

(VIDEO)John McCain concedes to Barack Obama

Nov. 4: John McCain concedes the presidency of the United States to Barack Obama and recognizes the significance of this election for African-Americans, saying, “we’ve come a long way from the old injustices that once stained our nation’s reputation.”

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In a speech before supporters in Arizona, McCain praised Obama and urged all Americans to congratulate him and put aside their differences in the nation’s interest. “His success alone commands my respect,” he said.

Olbermann: Last Campaign Comment

Keith’s final Campaign Comment imagines an alternative, parallel reality where Barack Obama made the verbal gaffes that McCain has made and poses the question, would Obama be considered a realistic candidate for the office?


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We all know exactly what would be happening tonight if Senator Obama had made all those mistakes, contradictions, gaffes, Freudian slips, and hypocritical pronouncements. He would have long since ceased to be taken seriously by any measurable part of the voting public, as a viable, responsible, self-aware, mentally vigorous, non-dangerous, non-risk. We’d all be going home to our beds well before midnight tomorrow night.

But while all that is hypothetical, this is not: This cascade of incompetence and irresponsibility I have enumerated tonight — all the sound bites, all the foot-in-mouth moments, all the no-brainers-gone-wrong – all these, John McCain has said. No hyperbole and no hypotheses are required.

This is who John McCain has showed us he is.

Sarah Plain Votes Plus Answers Questions From Media

Plain casts her vote in AK and takes some questions from news reporters. November 4 2008 Election Day


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McCain: ‘We’re going to win’


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Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama joined voters eager to cast ballots on Tuesday before making one last pitch for supporters to turn out for their historic presidential contest. With voters standing in line at polling places around the country, many people didn’t need a nudge.

(Video) John and Cindy McCain Interview

(VIDEO) Ron Paul: Republican brand is ‘in big trouble’

This video is from CNN’s American Morning, broadcast October 23, 2008.


CNN’s John Roberts spoke to Rep. Ron Paul on Thursday about the upcoming presidential election and the possibility that the Republicans could take a beating at the polls. However, he started off with a question about former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, asking, “Do you even listen to him any more?”

“I have to, because somebody like you might ask me a question about him!” Paul joked.

“I used to listen to him when he was writing back in the 60s,” Paul continued, “because he agreed with free market economics and no respect for the Federal Reserve. Lately though, he’s been part of it — and right now, he’s really gotten bad, because what he was saying yesterday was that the only place where he might have made a mistake is he didn’t advocate more regulations.”

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