California Adopts Smoking Banned In Homes

Youtube | Thursday, Jan 29, 2009

In Belmont, Calif. it is now illegal to smoke in your own home and, as John Blackstone reports, the new law has angered one woman who’s now on a mission.

In America…

“I’m absolutely outraged,” said Frederickson, 72, pulling on a Winston as she sat on a concrete slab outside her single-room apartment. “They’re telling you how to live and what to do, and they’re doing it right here in America.”(1)

“Just the fact that somebody forces me to do something goes against my grain!” she said.

But Coralin Feierbach of the Belmont City Council says: “She’s gonna have to smoke outside, where everybody else smokes.”

Protecting the Neighbors
Feierbach pushed Belmont’s new law banning smoking inside apartments and condos to protect neighbors. “Overwhelming evidence shows that secondhand smoke is dangerous, even for a few seconds,” Feierbach claims

“This idea that I am killing other people is ridiculous!” Frederickson said. “Prove it!”

So What do You think is going to happen … will the law be enforce or overturn ?

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