(VIDEO) Ann Coulter on the Today Show

Jan. 7: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to conservative commentator Ann Coulter about President-elect Obama and her new book, “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America.”COULTER: The point is, I was canceled twice, and it wasn’t until the Drudge Report ran a headline on its own reporting, and the Drudge Report has never had to retract a report…

LAUER: You know — you know what that expression is: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you don’t have enemies. But anyway, throughout the book you refer to the president-elect, Barack Obama, as B. Hussein Obama.

COULTER: Not throughout the book. The Angel Obama.

LAUER: In other places. You don’t refer to President Bush as G. Walker Bush.

COULTER: I mean, it is funny, Matt Lauer. I’m not going to deny that there is something ironic about having just gone to war with an enemy named Hussein, and they’re running a guy whose middle name is Hussein. This would be like Republicans — I’m going to finish the sentence. You don’t let me do…

VIDEO: Ann Coulter blames single mothers for all social ills? Really?
Los Angeles Times, CA – Jan 7, 2009
Huh. You mean, like former Republican VP nominee Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter, Bristol Palin? What do you think of Coulter’s ‘performance? …

LAUER: I did not say a word.

COULTER: You were getting ready.

LAUER: The book is called “Guilty.” Ann Coulter, glad you’re back.

COULTER: So am I. Thanks.

LAUER: It’s good to be here.

COULTER: Nice to see you again.

LAUER: We are going to — by the way, you’re not banned for life, obviously, OK?

COULTER: Thank you. I’m delighted to hear that.

LAUER: When the next book comes out, you’ll be sitting right here again.

  1. whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays

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