Rahm Emanuel’s Replacement: Just A ‘Seat-Warmer’?


A host of Chicago politicians are lining up to run for Rahm Emanuel\’s soon-to-be-vacant Congressional seat. But the lucky winner may only have the office for a single term, Greg Hinz reports in Crain\’s Chicago Business.

The reason, Hinz says, is because of talk that Emanuel might only serve as Obama\’s chief of staff for two years and would like to return to his old seat upon leaving the White House:

[T]here’s an intriguing wrinkle in the race for Mr. Emanuel’s seat: talk that he really only wants to serve as chief of staff for two years, and wants a mere seat-warmer who would give the job back when Rahm so requests.

Mr. Emanuel’s spokeswoman terms that talk “false and ridiculous.” But at least one source, who claims to have discussed the possibility with Rahmbo personally, says he really was reluctant to give up the seat and really would like to keep his options open to reclaim it down the road.

If that talk is true, look for municipal finance banker John Borovicka, Mr. Emanuel’s chief of staff, to run for the House and for Mr. Emanuel to cut lots of Chicago-style deals to get it for him. (Mr. Borovicka, who also has never run for anything, says he’s thinking about running but has “no plans” to seek it.)

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