The New Obama Website

President-elect Obama’s has a new website for the transition site with a new address, also has a “jobs” area where visitors can apply for a political job in the new administration. If nothing else, Obama’s website will allow his team to capture more information about supporters that can be used for future organizing and fundraising.

    • Rick Wilson
    • November 10th, 2008

    Dear Mr. Obama

    Congratulations on your historic election as President of the United States.
    I had two questions/comments that I would love to have asked you during the campaign but I was unable to find a way. Perhaps you might honor me by taking a minute to consider these questions.

    Heath care has been a huge issue during this election however the discussion has always centered on how we are going to pay the horrendous escalating cost of health care. I t seems that we may be answering the wrong question. Perhaps the right question is why is healthcare costs so high? Why does an aspirin cost $50 each while you are an inpatient? Why does it cost $350 a day to stay in a hospital room that our tax dollars already paid to build? These are just two of hundreds of questions that should be answered before we shell out an astronomical amount for healthcare. I do believe there is a price to be paid for the best medical system in the world but I don’t think that price should be the inability of our hardworking middle class to go see a doctor when needed.

    Secondly, I understand your energy policy is to move forward with all possible forms of renewable energy sources to become more energy independent. I believe that we can convert to a completely renewable energy economy with today’s technologies and I think we need to do this as soon as humanly possible. Again, I think we are answering the wrong question on this subject as well. The question that needs to be answered is how are we going to facilitate this transformation. Do you envisioning the government taking the lead and starting projects out of tax dollars or are tax incentives and breaks the method that will be used?
    I believe the recent financial crisis was a result of many critical factors one of which was the extended spike in oil prices. I believe, if we do not act immediately to free ourselves of oil dependence we may not recover from the next extended price spike.
    I would be extremely grateful if you get a chance to read this message and take just a minute of your busy day to consider reexamining these issues. I would be proud to help/volunteer in any that I can, or lend any assistance that you would deem helpful.

    Thank you
    Rick Wilson

    • Enrico
    • November 10th, 2008

    If you really aspire to perform all this change you’d better make amends in your inaugural address and apologize to the over 100 million people who voted against you for calling them “selfish” for not wanting to contribute more to your proposed charities.
    That was an out an out insult, especially with that B.S. “virtue” correlation injected in it.
    Having lived in the Philippines the past twenty years, and laying witness to the politicians throwing trinkets in the form of veiled promises a few luxuries their way if elected. I NEVER thought it would work in the U.S.! But kudos for garnering success with it.
    In an ideal peacetime world, your romantic notions of change might be worth a try. But I suggest you move a few ticks left of center and concentrate equally on security.
    I just hope that you can be honorable enough to own up to the promises you won’t be able to keep. A little bit of over half the country have pinned all their hopes on your bucket of promises.
    I hope you can deliver. I’ll be their to eat up a plate of crows feet if you can.
    Good luck

    • Maria
    • November 10th, 2008

    Hello Mr. Obama,

    Even those of us who did not vote for you must sincerely congratulate you on a well run campaign for the highest office of the land. You did it!!! Congratulations!!!

    As you well know, there are high expectations from those who gave you their all, and many of us who voted … let’s say … for the other side … will be looking from a far with much trepidation and fear. We live in very uncertain times and quite frankly I come from a place where democracy was replaced by socialism … it was not a good CHANGE! so the word “CHANGE” especially without being “clearly defined” as you managed to win this election (only because the press gave you a pass), does not bring great vibrations and creates a whole new realm of possibilities many of them closely associated with unstable, insecure, shaky, slippery, ominous, alarming … uncertain … this is how I and many like me feel right now.

    Rumors are the order of the day … all one has to do is search the internet or listen to the radio to become totally convinced that you are anything but trustworthy. The worst rumor of all is the one about our 401K’s being taxed or simply wiped out by the menacing fact that our great country is quickly running out of money to even pay the interest on the loans for the trillions of dollars that we owe other nations. The suggestion of the possibility that the dollar might be replaced by a new type of money called “Ameros” … much like the “Euro’ but much less valuable. As we see the complete disaster on Wall Street and we realize the war is far from over, plus we take into account the real possibility that there could be an upcoming terrorist attach on our soil to truly test your willpower … we start to wonder if you might decide to go in that direction much like Fidel Castro or Chavez … bringing on a new type of currency with less value, leaving little option for the common person to have any say … only because the dollar as we know it, could eventually be rendered worthless.

    We have seen people lose their retirement savings in a matter of one week or one month … who is to say that this is not a realistic claim. I hope you can reassure all of us that this is not going to happen and that you are not going to turn into a socialist or that you are not one already. Always remember that the reason why you and Michelle had all the many opportunities to become who you are today is because in this great country anyone who wants to become something or do something worthwhile with his or her life has been offered the opportunity to pursue their dreams. If you have any doubts about what Communism can do to a country, I think you should visit Cuba and spend a few weeks. Don’t let them show you what they want you to see … simply request to drive around the countryside and see what has happened there. Cuba used to be a beautiful island … it is now falling apart, the buildings are crumbling, the people don’t want to work, women go to school during the day and perform “dirty deeds” at night just to make ends meet.

    Don’t try to “CHANGE” the United States of America into the United States Socialist Republics … it did not work for those who followed Lenin … what makes you think it might work for you? I see a tendency lately for the government to intervene in private business and that is not a good sign. Been there … done that … the American people will be looking over your shoulder, you have four years … best of luck! Try to go too far to the left, especially if you follow your socialistic radical friends … and the people you made promises to will wake up from this “Obama-Mania” and vote you out of office!

    Hope our worst fears do not become a reality. We wish you all the best!


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