Is the RNC 9/11 Tribute Video inappropriate ?

Both Republicans and Democrats have invoked the terrorist attacks of 9/11 during their political conventions in arguments that the other side is unprepared to deal with the threat of Al Qaeda and similar threats.

So is the RNC 9/11 tribute inappropriate?

    • perrrfection
    • September 4th, 2008

    YES! My 9 year old started crying, I was very upset.

    • Henry C. DeBey
    • September 4th, 2008

    This is an example of the same style of Bush misinformation. The initial words of the video are: “The first attack occurred in Iran” accompanied by video from the Iran hostage crisis.

    The video then immediately jumps forward 19 years to images of Al Qaeda’s attack on our embassy in Nairobi. This video attempts to link Iran with Al Qaeda and to imply that all Moslems seek the destruction of the USA. I don’t believe there have ever been any links shown between Iran and Al Qaeda but for the sake of his campaign John McCain connects them.

    I used to respect John McCain but this dishonesty greatly diminishes him. Perhaps this is a lead-in to his song Bomb bomb bomb Iran song:

    Link to the Bomb Iran song:

    • RovingRay
    • September 5th, 2008

    Unfortunately, people have forgotten or have chosen to forget the reality of 911. I was there and we need to remember every day that we were attacked. Innocent men, women and children were killed by terriorists. This film video should be shown everyday to remind the bleeding hearts of this country what is at stake in this year’s election.

    • Rebecca
    • September 7th, 2008

    Boo hoo! Your nine-year old will see a lot worse than that if we don’t have the right leadership. Keith Olberman “apologized” for the “graphic” video but it seems to me I remember NBC itself running way more graphic video than that at the time. And for what? History? Propriety? No, RATINGS!
    Considering all the horrible things that happened on that dreadful day, that video was less dramatic than some Disney movies I’ve seen. I believe as much as anyone else in protecting children from unnecessary trauma but they deserve the truth. And the truth is that we were brutally attacked by evil people who hate us and they are still trying to do it again. The selection of our leadership is of utmost importance with regard to this issue.

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