Anti-Obama ‘The One’ ad

Sen. John McCain denied Friday that he was going negative against Sen. Barack Obama, even as his camp released a new Web ad that mockingly contrasts Obama’s soaring rhetoric with clips of Charlton Heston playing Moses in “The Ten Commandments.”

The One


“I don’t think it’s negative,” “We’re going to display a sense of humor in this campaign.”

McCain said at a news conference

Late in the day, Obama dismissed his rival’s tactics as “frivolous and desperate.”

“They’re calling folks names like they used to do in fifth grade. You remember fifth grade? Calling each other names and petty fights. We don’t have time for that. That doesn’t lower gas prices and secure people’s jobs.”

    • goodtimepolitics
    • August 2nd, 2008

    How about that Obama using the old race card, and then said he didn’t and his campaign manager said yes that he was using race baiting!

    • commentspage
    • August 4th, 2008

    So now, when, as Obama thinks, he doesn’t need more delegates to be a nominee, he says that the MI & FL delegations should be seated in full and with full voting rights. So he acknowledges that the popular vote is clearly on Hillary’s side – better later than never.

    It’s easy to tell now why is this rush – the polls show clearly that Florida is leaning towards McCain more and more, and Michigan is again a on a table. And in this heat I believe Clinton should use the situation without much hesitation and urge for a roll call during the convention. Let’s see who will get more delegates at the finish.

  1. December 18th, 2011
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