Televangelist under IRS investigation

With all the investigation going on over tv televangelist’s now Florida-based televangelist Bill Keller says he’s being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service for getting involved in politics.

But now the founder of says he is being investigated by the IRS because of comments he made last year about Mitt Romney’s religion, Mormonism.

Mitt Romney- “A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan.”

Barack Obama- “I asked the legitimate question if [Obama is] even a Christian or not. Based on his thoughts, words, and deeds, he’s not,”

This video is from Bill Keller Title : Barack Obama is NOT a Christian, he is an ENEMY of God

Well thats what keller thinks of obama on the other hand John Hagee who supports John McCain doesn’t even think he obama is the anti-christ.

Keller says he is prepared to fight the IRS if it takes his ministry’s tax-exempt status.

The bottom line is money, power and blind obedience. From the words of the great George Carlin here is a clip taken from film Zeitgeist

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