Bush “I will resist all attempts to subpoena WH officials”

With the heat coming down on the White House and Attorney General, President Bush addressed the media today and went on the defensive against Democrats, accusing them of trying to “score political points” rather than seeking the truth. He promised to resist all WH subpoenas and insisted that his deal to let Rove and Miers “meet” with members of Congress is more than generous.

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President Bush kept making the point over and over that allowing his staff members (i.e. Karl Rove) to testify under oath would hamper his ablility to “get quality advice,” but as ThinkProgress noted earlier today, 31 of Clinton’s top aides testified before Congress on 47 different occasions. Something tells me that this fact won’t preclude the Bush-apologists from invoking Clinton again, though.

UPDATE: Senator Leahy and Rep. Conyers respond to the the White House’s offer.

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